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Take · the · 50 · book · challenge!

Welcome to 50 Books, 50 Cuts! (A 50 book challenge community.)

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The 50 Book Challenge is a FANTASTIC idea. In fact, so many people think so that it currently boasts membership of well over 1000. Approximately 200 posts a day are placed in their community. That's pretty impressive!

For some of us, though, scrolling through pages and pages of book posts as we look for our friends' communications is tedious and even physically painful. The day I added 50bookchallenge to my Friends List, however, I couldn't find anything, keep up, or even keep my love of reading in place. The posts were fairly long; I don't cut all of my posts in my own journal, but I do when I've been taking up a lot of space in 24 hours. After scrolling through 5- or was it only 3?- FL pages, I finally found an entry from someone I knew.

I wanted to stay in touch with other readers, but not like that.


1) ALL posts must be under a cut. NO EXCEPTIONS, PLEASE.

2) When listing a book, please remember to include at least a brief blurb about it, including whether or not you'd recommend it and why.

3) Spoilers are allowed, but you must warn potential readers at least once in your text prior to giving anything away.

It would be really nifty if people took the time to do an extra cut or two when they have a spoiler or something age-sensitive to refer to.

Here's an example:

A member would insert an (carrot bracket*)lj-cut text="Beware- spoilers after this point!" here, closing with an (end carrot bracket.)

Guess what happened to the adorable heroine? You'll never believe it...(To end a cut, simply type "/lj-cut" inside carrot brackets.)

(Another cut could go here...) lj-cut text="Want to know what happens to people who put the actual spoiler in the text of their cuts?" (End cut.)

Not much, really, but it's quite a rude thing to do. The stern moderator might have to speak with you about it, and after that, she might put you on a list of people for all to see so readers know who is ruining endings for them.

If that doesn't stop someone, I think it would be safe to say they were doing it on purpose, and that could lead to banning. No one really wants to do that anyway. Right?


* A carrot bracket is your command opening and closing device. They are also known as "less than" and "greater than" symbols.

4) Be pleasant, polite, and thoughtful. No flaming, no heckling, no hypocrisy, and lots of understanding. Maybe someone doesn't speak exactly as you do or does things a different way; that's fully acceptable here, so no bickering over things that are probably either misunderstandings or a daily dose of dramAH.

5) Please don't drive the Moderator- n_decisive- batty (she's half there already) with tons of emails or questions. She'll answer and watch over things, but her life's busy and complicated enough without grown folks acting like Wild Things.

6) Please use tags relating to the genre of the book you post about.

7) Be cautious about sending out any personal information from your computer of habit.

8) Suggestions/Requests highly recommended and appreciated. If you don't see something change and it bothers you, please place a politely phrased post under a cut for open discussion and response.

9) Introductory posts not necessary, but you may comment on this post to say, "Hello," or tell us a little about yourself and your reading habits with your first post.

10) Have a reading related icon you'd like to share? Please feel free to post it- under a cut, of course. State whether or not you want credit given when a user takes an icon. If you are not the creator, please include where you found each icon. Icon posts without reference information may be subject to removal.


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